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May 24 2015

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My video to my remix (download via soundcloud, links in the descritpion)
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October 21 2014

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August 02 2014

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December 23 2013

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Ciechowski klasycznie
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October 09 2013

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November 27 2012

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August 08 2012

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July 16 2012

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May 04 2012

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January 22 2012

"Janko Muzykant też coś zawalił bo strugał fujarki i na koniec ukradł skrzypce, więc właściwie można powiedzieć, że był leniwym złodziejem"
— Miłosz Brzeziński
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January 12 2012

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June 16 2011

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June 15 2011

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May 07 2011

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May 03 2011

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May 02 2011

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April 25 2011

April 01 2011

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